I am thrilled to announce that my filming kitchen is ready to operate.

When you are on budget, you have to find out which alternative works best. Looking up furnitures and other unique things, the brocante (antique market) is the answer. I found my large buffet there. Did some work et voila!.. The long work table 3 with the induction was made by a great local artisan.

Overall, I was able to pull that off in less than a month. Things will continue to evolve by the day.

The buffet and wall are embellished with many antique goods from my parents such as coffee grinder, jars, bottles, copper sulfateuse from Paris, balance Roberval and so on. I had saved these things before I did move to the US in 2004. My other stuffs I had in San Diego are in transit, and expected to arrive soon.

The vintage refrigerator, the large 6 induction burners and the XL stand mixer are brand new.

The Tarn region is where I which to establish myself. I hope to find an old house and start a business there.. I have great projects!

For now, I am going to work very hard to get the million subs!..

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