About Bruno Albouze

My passion for cooking came from my mom, dad and grandma.

Growing up in France, my Mom cooks lean food and dad enjoys gardening while local farmers’ markets were the place to purchase protein and bread. I always remember my grandma cooking her duck with olives recipe roasting in a 200 year old fireplace in a 13th century village called Cordes-sur-Ciel.
As a young boy, I was always up first, rushing to the kitchen to watch Mom cooking. Sunday was the baking day since my dad would make his traditional large apple pie for the whole family and guests. Kneading the pie dough became my first hands on experience while peeling apples though.. was less fun but – what a journey!..

At the age of 14, I started working in a restaurant while apprenticing and attending culinary college in the city of Bordeaux.

I remember learning to make every recipe from scratch using seasonal produces. I later however decided to make the move to the pastry and bread field because I was seduced by the complexity, the accuracy and the fine details applied to desserts and cakes – discovering the beauty of bread making was another intriguing craft. I graduated 3 years later, did my military duty at the French Air-force base in Reims; which is in the Grand Est region of France best known for its best Champagne houses. Then I returned to Bordeaux working in the patisserie field for about 10 years. Turning 29, I moved to Paris to further my career at the Ritz Place Vendôme and Plaza Athénée as a head baker under Alain Ducasse. Being surrounded by so many talented people, it elevates you to the next level. 

In 2003, I joined Lenotre Culinary Institute and the Pavillon Elysée.

Soon after, I was told about an opportunity in Las Vegas for a pastry sous-chef position. First, I thought that the idea sounded crazy since my spoken English was nonexistent among other issues… In 2004, I took my decision and left France. The venture in Vegas wasn’t for me – After that, I had a few tough months of experience in a patisserie in SFO; working 7 days a week and sleeping in a tiny room with broken windows with cockroaches running around above the bakery. It was however a great experience. 

My Journey In San Diego.  

Then I flew to San Diego for better opportunities and farmers’ markets selling Belgian waffles and pretzel pals (lookup my gallery), meanwhile working in the catering business and became a private chef in La Jolla. Meanwhile, I have created a Youtube channel to share my passion for cooking and baking which has been a constantly growing journey appealing to families, beginners and professionals from all over the world. Later, I returned to fine dining restaurants and became corporate and executive Pastry Chef at Ponsaty’s in Rancho Santa Fe, at Surf & Sand in Laguna Beach and at the Hotel Del Coronado

My New Website, Still In Progress…

The health crisis we’ve been through since March 2020, was a reckoning of what matters the most – LIFE!. More than ever, cooking and baking at home became a desirable trend. Throughout this new website, you will enjoy foolproof savory and sweet recipes inspired from my biggest asset: my professional background. As demand grows, you’ll also find a wide range of everyday selected kitchen tools, as well as branded merch such as a beautiful silver embroidery logo & signature Bragard USA apron… Check out my Shop Page

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