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Fish & Chips

Fish and chips is an iconic hot dish that originated in England and has since spread across the globe, with many regional variations popping up along the way.

Hanger Steak Béarnaise Sauce

Grilled veggies & wilted spinach


Opera Cake

Bruno Albouze Opera Cake Slice

Fraisier Cake

Bruno Albouze Fabulous Fraisier Cake

Paris Brest cake

Paris Brest

Focus on...

The Versatile Lemon: A Culinary Staple with a Rich History

Let’s take a tour to the world of the common yellow lemon, a staple in kitchens worldwide. Despite its ubiquity, the lemon’s journey from ancient China to our modern tables is shrouded in mystery. Known simply as “lemon” without reference to its color, this citrus fruit has a fascinating history and a myriad of uses in the culinary world.

Lemon shaped dessert

Bruno Albouze Lemon Shaped Dessert

Lemon bars

Bruno Albouze Lemon Bar Brûlée

Mille Crepe Lemon Cake

Bruno Albouze Mille Crepe Cake

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