quick puff pastry

Quick Puff Pastry

Yields1 ServingPrep Time25 minsDifficultyBeginnerRating


Quick Puff Pastry
 250 g all-purpose flour
 250 g butter (European style)cubed and cold
 20 g powdered sugar optional
 3 g salt
 90 g cold water



The quick or blitz puff pastry method was created for pastry competitions. Since the classic or inverted puff pastry making process require 3 days in the making, if you are in the rush this is the one. The difference is how they are put together. With the classic puff pastry you have a sheet of dough which you wrap around a block of butter (like a croissant dough). In contrast, with the quick puff pastry you incorporate the butter right into the flour, like you would when you make a pie dough. Made in less than 2 hours time frame, the taste and flakiness match the quality of the inverted puff pastry. Quick puff pastry is suitable for all recipes that call for classic or inverted puff pastry. For ultimate results use European-style butter such as unsalted Kerrygold.

king cake


(Avoid food processor). In a the stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, in the bowl gather the cold and cubed butter, flour, salt and sugar. Mix on low speed for 45 seconds. Add water and mix until it comes together. Do not over mix, chunks of butter must remain visible. Make a 8X5 inch/20X13 cm slab and wrap it in plastic film; refrigerate for an hour to rest prior to laminate.

chunks of butter

Laminating Process

Flour countertop generously and roll out pastry into a 18 inch/45 cm length rectangle. Fold in thirds like a letter and repeat this step 3 more times (use less flour as you go). Refrigerate pastry to rest for 30 min. Make the fifth and last turn/fold, wrap in plastic and refrigerate an hour or more prior to roll into sheets. Although resting time in the quick puff pastry making process is significantly reduced, relaxing or resting the dough reduces the elasticity of the dough making it easier to roll out.

quick puff pastry lamination

Puff Pastry Sheets

Roll out chilled dough into a ≈ 0.12 inch/3mm thick sheet. (For apple turnover, roll out pastry into 4 or 5 mm thick sheets). Refrigerate or freeze puff pastry sheets until ready to use.

puff pastry sheet

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