Quick Puff Pastry

Are you in need of a quick and delicious pastry recipe? Look no further! Today, I'll be showing you my tried and tested method for making the Quick or Blitz Puff Pastry. This method was actually created for pastry competitions, where time is of the essence. Now, you may be familiar with the classic or inverted puff pastry making process, which requires a whopping 3 days to make. But if you're in a rush and still want that amazing flakiness and taste, then the quick puff pastry is the way to go. The main difference lies in how they are put together. In the classic puff pastry, you start with a sheet of dough which you wrap around a block of butter, similar to making a croissant dough. On the other hand, with the quick puff pastry, you incorporate the butter right into the flour, just like when you make a pie dough. And the best part? You can make this pastry in less than 2 hours! Despite the shorter time frame, the taste and flakiness of the quick puff pastry match the quality of the inverted puff pastry. So, whether you're making sweet or savory dishes, this quick puff pastry is suitable for all recipes that call for classic or inverted puff pastry. To achieve the ultimate results, I recommend using European-style butter, such as unsalted Kerrygold. The richness and creaminess of this butter will take your pastry to the next level. Join me in the kitchen and let's create magic together with this quick puff pastry recipe!

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