Pain de Gênes

Originating in the 1840s, this delectable treat was created by Parisian pastry Chef Fauvel at the renowned Chiboust pastry shop. Pain de Gênes also called Ambroisie or Genovese Biscuit is a rich and moist cake made primarily of almond paste, eggs, and melted butter, with just a hint of starch. Resembling a genoise, this cake doesn't rely on any leavening agents for its light and airy texture; instead, the perfect rise is achieved through the emulsification of the almond paste and eggs. The key to a truly exceptional Pain de Genes lies in using the finest almond paste available, as it is what elevates the flavor profile and gives this cake its distinctive taste. While Pain de Gênes is commonly known as a cake base for Fraisier, there are endless possibilities for incorporating this almond delight into other seasonal pastries.

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