Bruno Albouze Vegetable Casserole Broken Eggs


Yields6 ServingsPrep Time40 minsCook Time25 minsTotal Time1 hr 5 minsDifficultyBeginnerRating


Veggie Mixture
 100 g Chorizo*, diced (Optional)
 30 g Olive oil
 300 g Onion (1), chopped
 30 g Garlic, minced
 400 g Zucchini (3), chopped
 300 g Eggplant, chopped
 200 g Bell pepper, chopped
 400 g Tomato sauce
 5 g Paprika
 2 g Cumin
 300 g Pasture raised eggs (6)



This veggie casserole with broken eggs is an easy and healthy dish that can served thorough the day. Called Shakshuka in Israel and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa. It appears to have found its origin in Tunisia. In the Mexican repertoire is known as huevos rotos. Interestingly enough, this vegetable dish has similarity to the French ratatouille as well.

Bruno Albouze Shakshuka Veggies

Veggie Mixture

*Mexican chorizo seasoning is a good alternative to the chorizo, or paprika. In a hot frying pan, sweat the diced chorizo with olive oil for a couple of minutes on medium-high. Add onions, garlic, and thyme. Season with some salt and saute for 5/7 minutes on medium-high heat. Throw in zucchini along with bell pepper, and spices; cook for 5 minutes more. Add eggplants and cook for a few minutes on high heat then add the tomato sauce. Cover and cook on low for 12 min. Meanwhile, set oven to broil. Once cooked, remove the lid, and give a good stir. Readjust seasoning if needed. At this juncture, the mixture can be divided into individual portions, or make 2 separate dishes and crack 3 eggs in each.

Bruno Albouze Shakshuka


Pop in the oven under the broiler and cook for 31/2 minutes, or until the egg whites is cooked through but the yolks. Season eggs with a drizzle of olive oil, fleur de sel, cayenne and fresh basil. Bon appétit! בְּתֵאָבוֹן

Bruno Albouze Shakshuka Eggs

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