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Inverted Puff Pastry

Yields14 ServingsPrep Time1 hr 30 minsDifficultyIntermediateRating


Butter Block / Beurre Manié
 400 g Butter, cubed and cold
 175 g Bread flour
Dough / Détrempe
 350 g Bread flour
 15 g Salt
 150 g Water
 10 g White vinegar
 115 g Butter, melted



What makes the inverted puff pastry prime is that it bakes rather light and produces incomparable flaky results. A technique consisting of incorporating the dough in butter rather than butter in dough. To achieve a proper incorporation though, the butter is previously mixed with some flour (Beurre manié) before been shaped into butter block. Store puff pastry in freezer bag for up to 5 days in the refrigerator, or for months in the freezer. To ensure best results, make puff pastry 3 days ahead before been baked. Indeed, resting time allows gluten to relax preventing dough from shrinking. The ideal room temperature when dealing with laminated dough, should be around 68ºF/20ºC. Puff pastry folding process can be achieved giving 5 or 6 single turns, or one single turn + one double turn + one single turn and a double turn. Puff pastry has about 729 layers of folded dough. These layers of butter make the dough rise in the oven during baking. The butter turns into steam and pushes up the layers of dough, thus creating a puff. Needless to say that the quality of the butter used in pastries is crucial. It becomes even more important when dealing with laminated dough. For best results, use European style butter. It contains a higher butterfat percentage (82-86 percent) than basic butter and less water, resulting in a richer taste, softer texture and faster melt-ability.

Butter Block / Beurre Manié

Mix butter and flour until just combined. Shape into a ≈ 6''x 6''/15x15cm slab between 2 sheets of parchment paper. Wrap up in plastic wrap and chill overnight.


Mix all ingredients together until just combined. Flatten dough into a slab, wrap up in plastic film, and let rest in the refrigerator overnight.

Folding Process / Tourage

Leave butter block / beurre manié out to soften for about 15 min. Butter and dough must be at the same consistency before you begin folding process. Flour work surface and butter slab. Roll out butter and dough into 2 identical rectangle. Top beurre manié with dough (The butter is place underneath the dough). Roll out into a long rectangle and fold in three thirds just like a business letter (Single turn / Tour simple). Repeat once; wrap up pastry in plastic wrap, and chill for at least 30 minutes to rest. Repeat this step twice giving 6 single turn (6 tour simple). Or, as shown in this video, make one single turn + one double + one single, and one more double turn). Chill laminated dough overnight to rest. Divide puff pastry into 2 or 4 portions. Roll out into 0.15''/4mm thick sheet, and refrigerate puff pastry sheets overnight to rest. Prick pastry with a fork if needed, and cut into desired shaped and bake.

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