Bruno Albouze New York Steak

New York Steak

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time40 minsCook Time12 minsTotal Time52 minsDifficultyBeginnerRating


N.Y Steak
 1200 g Prime USDA N.Y strip steaks (4 ea./ 2.5cm thick)
Café de Paris Butter
 250 g Butter
 50 g Shallots, minced
 5 g Olive oil
 15 g Madera
 8 g Cognac, or brandy
 15 g Dijon mustard
 15 g Ketchup
 10 g Capers
 2 g Red curry paste
 2 g Paprika
 15 g Italian parsley, chopped
 2 g Fresh oregano, chopped
 2 g Fresh thyme, chopped
 2 g Dill, chopped
 2 g Tarragon, chopped
 2 g Fresh rosemary, chopped
 2 g Herbes de Provence
 2 g White peppercorns
 4 g Fresh ginger, minced
 2 g Garlic, minced
 20 g Anchovies, chopped
 5 g Worcestershire sauce
 5 g Lemon zest (1)
 5 g Orange zest
 5 g Lemon juice



This recipe works with many other beef cuts as ribeye, brisket, filet mignon, hanger, porterhouse, hamburger and so on..

Café de Paris Butter

Make 2 days prior using. In a hot skillet sauté the minced shallots with the olive oil until light brown, deglaze with the Madera, and flambé with the cognac. Let cool. Combine all ingredients together with the exception of butter. Leave the mixture to macerate for 24 hours at room temperature then puree the mixture and add the softened butter. Process until smooth and pipe out into 20 grams portions and freeze or make a butter cylinder using plastic wrap. Freeze completely and slice. Store leftover in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Cooking Steak

Leave steaks 2 hours at room temperature prior cooking. Heat a cast iron griddle or a frying pan until very hot. Meanwhile rub meat with oil and season with fleur-de-sel or Celtic grey salt. Sear 4 minutes on each side (medium rare). Add ground black pepper at the end.
Transfer meat onto a baking tray and top with the frozen café de Paris butter. Place meat under the broiler or salamander until the herbed butter is half melted. A blow torch can be used instead. Let meat rest 4 minutes more before slicing.


Serve N.Y steak with mash potatoes, French fries, veggies, greens, or as shown with roasted fingerling potato and asparagus persillade (a mixture of minced parsley, shallots and garlic). Enjoy!

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