A Vegetarian Christmas Feast: Deliciously Possible!

Hello, everyone! I’m Bruno Albouze, and today I’m excited to share with you how to create a sumptuous vegetarian Christmas feast. Who says holiday meals have to be all about turkey and seafood? Let’s explore a world of veggie delights, from appetizers to desserts, that will make your Christmas table shine.

1. Chic Starters: Cromesquis and Savory Truffles

Begin your feast with elegant appetizers like cromesquis – those delightful breaded balls that are crispy outside and meltingly soft inside. Get creative with fillings like Comté cheese or a mix of sweet potato and sun-dried tomatoes. Another visually stunning option is savory truffles made with fresh goat cheese and coated in seeds, herbs, or spices. They’re not just tasty but also a feast for the eyes!

2. Enticing Entrées: Terrines and ‘Tofoie Gras’

For the first course, how about a plant-based terrine spread on fig bread? Imagine a truffle terrine topped with truffle juice pearls – mouthwatering, isn’t it? Or, surprise your guests with ‘tofoie gras’, a tofu-based alternative to foie gras. You can also serve savory pastries like tapenade palmiers, mini vegetable pizzas with pistachio pesto, or cheese-filled puff pastries. Stuffed mushrooms are another excellent choice for a festive starter.

3. The Main Event: Squash and Risottos

For the main course, the options are endless. Squashes make a fantastic centerpiece – think stuffed pattypan squash, a dish that’s as adorable as it is uncommon. A pumpkin risotto (minus the bacon) is another delightful choice. Venture beyond traditional risotto with variations like crunchy vegetable risotto, artichoke risotto, or a rich risotto with Roquefort and Parmesan. For a twist, try a hearty spelt risotto.

4. Mushroom Magic: Morilles, Cèpes, and Truffles

Mushrooms are a must for a festive vegetarian menu. Morilles are excellent with gnocchi, in vol-au-vents, or lightly creamed in a casserole. Fresh or frozen porcini/cèpes are also a great option. And if you’re feeling indulgent, why not splurge on a black truffle to grate over one of the risottos, a Robuchon puree mousseline, or a simple yet luxurious scrambled eggs with truffle? Other ideas include a vegetable pie or a stunning root vegetable millefeuille (parsnip, carrots and butternut). 

5. Presentation is Key

Remember, presentation is crucial, especially at Christmas. To elevate your dishes, consider edible decorations like flowers (borage, sage, or red shiso) or sprouted seeds (alfalfa, fenugreek, arugula, or fried leek).

6. Dessert: Traditional or Trendy

For dessert, you can go traditional with a Yule log or opt for something different like elegant 12-layer chocolate cake or Basque cheesecakes.

There you have it – a guide to crafting a vegetarian Christmas meal that’s as delicious as it is beautiful. With these ideas, you’re all set to create a festive feast that will delight your guests. Happy cooking, and merry Christmas!

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