Bruno Albouze Whole-Grain Baguette

Whole-Grain Mini Baguette

Yields8 ServingsPrep Time50 minsCook Time25 minsTotal Time1 hr 15 minsDifficultyBeginnerRating


Whole-Grain Mixture
 30 g Barley, cooked
 30 g Rolled oats
 20 g Semolina
 20 g Corn meal
 30 g Millet
 40 g Sesame
 30 g Flax seeds
 100 g Water
 2 g Salt
 410 g Spring water at 72ºF/22ºC
 300 g Unbleached bread flour
 300 g Unbleached all-purpose flour
 2 g Instant yeast, or 4g fresh yeast
 12 g Salt


Whole-Grain Mixture

In a cup, place barley and pour boiling water to cover; wrap up and let stand a few hours or overnight and drain. The barley should be now good to eat (no need to cook for 30 min or more as often suggested). Combine cooked barley with remaining grains and mix with water and salt; wrap up and leave at room temperature for a least an hour before using. Water should be completely absorbed.

Mixing Dough

Yield 8x160g mini baguette. In the stand mixer fitted with the hook attachment, add water, salt, flours and yeast. Mix on low for 12 minutes. Scrap down sides of bowl and hook twice during mixing time. After 12 min, add the wholegrain mixture and mix for an additional 2 min or until well combined. Transfer dough in a lightly oiled pastry bowl.


A)Direct Method: cover and let ferment for 4 hours at room temperature. Deflate every hour (3 times) during the fermentation process.
B)Delayed Method: Cover and let dough to ferment for an hour. Deflate, wrap up and chill overnight and shape, proof and bake the next day.

Baguette Topping

Mix some oats, fine corn meal, sesame, lax seeds and millet; set aside.

Shaping & Proofing

To find baker's couche click here

A)Direct Method: Gently transfer fermented dough onto a floured work surface. Dust top and divide into 8 equal portions. Form oval shapes (not to tight) and let rest on the countertop for 20 min; covered.
B)Delayed Method: Pull dough from the fridge and leave it at room temp for an hour. Transfer dough onto floured work surface. Degas gently folding it over; cover and let rest 30 min. Dust top and divide into 8 equal portions. Form oval shapes (not to tight) and let rest on the countertop for 20 min; covered.
Shape each into 9 inch (23cm) mini baguette. Moisturize it on wet towel and coat with baguette topping. Arrange mini baguettes on lightly floured baker’s couche, cover and let proof for an hour.
Place tray of proofed mini baguettes in the freezer for 25 min. This step will ease transferring bread onto the hot pizza stone.


Preheat oven (conventional) to 480ºF/250ºC with a pizza stone inside.
Carefully, move hot pizza stone to the stove. Transfer the proofed mini baguette immediately onto the hot pizza stone. Cautiously, put pizza stone back in the oven. Spray some water on the bread and oven sides to create steam and bake for 22 minutes. Transfer baked bread on cooling rack. Enjoy!

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