Bruno Albouze Provencal Olive Bread

Provencal Olive Flat Bread

Yields12 ServingsPrep Time40 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time55 minsDifficultyIntermediateRating


Olive Mixture
 100 g Pitted oil cured black olives
 100 g Pitted green olives
 100 g Pitted Kalamata or Niçoise olives
 5 g Lemon confit rind, rinsed and minced or 1 lemon zest
 2 g Fresh thyme, chopped
 1 g Herbes de Provence (optional)
Mixing Dough
 700 g All-purpose flour
 30 g Fine semolina or corn meal
 15 g Salt
 2.50 g Instant yeast or 5g fresh yeast
 550 g Spring water at 86ºF (30ºC)
 300 g Olive mixture


Olive Mixture

Roughly chop olives picking out any pits left behind. Season with lemon confit, herbs and pepper.

Mixing Dough & Fermentation

In a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, combine water and fresh yeast first and add flour, semolina and salt. Mix on low speed for 2 min. Scrap down sides of the bowl and paddle – mix for an additional 2 minutes on low (4 min total). The internal dough temperature should be at 80/86ºF (27/30ºC). Cover and let the first fermentation going for an hour.
Now, swap with the hook attachment and throw in olive mixture and mix on low for 10 sec (first punch down / do not over work). Remove hook, cover and let rest for another hour. Transfer dough onto floured worked surface; degase and round out and put dough back in the mixer bowl. Cover and let ferment for another hour (3 hours fermentation total).


Transfer fougasse dough onto a floured work surface – Divide into 3 equal portions (3x450g) or 6 for smaller fougasse.
Shape into not to tight rounds and bench rest for 20 min; covered.
Shape each rounds into rectangular slab. Arrange onto lightly floured linen baker’s couche or fragrance free kitchen towels. Cover and let proof for about an hour.


As for baking bread goes, a pizza stone is highly recommended.
Preheat oven with a pizza stone to 550ºF (290ºC) / set to conventional baking. Depending on the size of the pizza stone; bake bread in 2 batches. Place hot pizza stone on the stove. Dust semolina onto the stone and bread. Slash each flat bread and transfer bread onto hot stone stretching out dough to open it. Spray water on the bread to create steam and bake for 15 minutes. Transfer hot fougasse onto cooling rack and brush out olive oil – cool to room temperature. This bread is excellent in any occasions.. Bon appétit!

3 thoughts on “Provencal Olive Flat Bread”

  1. Merci beaucoup Bruno, j’ai accompagné ce super pain fougasse avec un bon camembert extra coulant que j’ai rôti au four, c’était “Divin”
    Ta recette est tellement super bien expliquée que j’ai pu réaliser facilement et réussi du premier coup
    J’ai mis des zestes de citron et orange et rajouté un peu de romarin ciselé, avec l’huile d’olive dite “cuite” de ma région….. mamma mia
    J’adore ta façon de décrire les produits, les odeurs, les gouts, les formes et même les gestes et étapes des recettes
    J’aime beaucoup le choix de tes formidables recettes, la Cuisine du Monde
    Tu nous fais tellement de bien avec ce partage de savoir faire et cet amour inconditionnel débordant de la Cuisine
    Surtout, surtout, surtout ne change rien, tu es formidable
    Riad de Bougie, ALGERIE

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