portioned tournedos

How To Make 9 Tournedos Steaks Out of Tenderloin

Yields9 ServingsPrep Time40 minsCook Time1 hrTotal Time1 hr 40 minsDifficultyBeginnerRating


How To Clean Beef Tenderloin
 2250 g whole beef tenderloin
Tenderloin Steaks
 4 g meat glueActiva
Searing (For 2 Tournedos)
 6 g kosher saltor fleur de sel
 15 g grape seed oil
 25 g butter cold and cubed
 5 g fresh thyme sprigs
 15 g crushed garlic
 3 g ground black pepper



Cleaning a whole beef tenderloin worth the effort. To do so, take a look at my Tournedos Rossini recipe. The center cut, called chateaubriand or more commonly known as filet mignon can be used for many things: for a roast, beef Wellington or divided into steaks. While tips can be used for steak tartare and other scraps for ground meat. This following technique however shows you how to literally use 70% of the whole tenderloin into flawless looking tournedos steaks, using transglutaminase, aka meat glue.

cleaning beef tenderloin

Meat Glue

Meat glue is a substance used in cooking to bond proteins together. Meat glue has found use among practitioners of the molecular gastronomy movement, as a means of melding new textures with existing tastes. Meat glue is safe, natural, and easy to use.
Meat glue should not be consumed directly in large quantities, but consuming active transglutaminase in the levels recommended for food usage is harmless. It is classified by the FDA as a GRAS product (generally recognized as safe) when used properly.

Tenderloin Log

Clean tenderloin first. The assemble meat parts together (tips and flaps) on the tenderloin ends without adding any meat glue to see how it goes first. Then apply meat glue (using a small mesh sieve) and add meat accordingly in order to reconstitute a uniformed cylinder. Wrap it up in cling film – Seal one end at the time rolling it up tightly, chasing any air pockets left behind. The finished meat log should measure 3.25-inch/8.25 cm in diameter; refrigerate overnight before cutting.

glued beef tenderloin

Cutting Meat Log Into Steaks

For top notch tournedos steaks, cut meat log into nine 1.75-inch/4.5 cm thick portions that should weights 7.8 ounces/220g each. Steaks can now be kept refrigerated for up to 5 days or frozen for weeks.

portioned tournedos

How To Make Round Steaks

In order to keep tournedos round, you will need to use individual stainless-steel cake ring that measure 3.25-inch/8.25 cm in diameter and 1.75-inch/4.5 cm H. Grease cake rings with neutral oil and insert meat in. Place them by 2, and vacuum-seal. Now, steaks can be stored in the refrigerator for even longer. Do not season the meat prior to seal.

sous-vide tournedos

Cooking Tournedos Sous-Vide

Immerse vacuum-sealed meat in the water circulator previously set at 135ºF/57.2ºC (medium-rare). Cook steaks for 60 minutes. Transfer cooked meat in an ice water bath and refrigerate for up to 10 days.

tournedos in circulator

Searing Cooked Tournedos

Remove steaks from bag and save rendered juice for later use. Season cooked meat with salt. Heat up a frying pan. Add oil and sear meat on both side for 3 minutes max, and quickly do the edges as well. Turn the heat off and basted steaks in butter, garlic and herbs for a couple of minutes. Season with ground black pepper.

searing cooked tournedos


No need to rest - Enjoy!

cooked tournedos

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