Bruno Albouze Crunchy Chocolate Cookies

Crunchy Chocolate Cookies

Yields14 ServingsPrep Time45 minsDifficultyBeginnerRating


Crunchy Chocolate Mixture
 200 g Hazelnut praliné*
 40 g Milk chocolate, melted
 40 g Dark chocolate, melted
 30 g Butter, melted
 100 g Dried crepes Or, feuilletine / crispy wafer / corn flakes
Hazelnut Praliné / Spread
 300 g Hazelnuts Or, 50/50 hazelnuts & almonds
 250 g Sugar
 2 g Salt
 5 g Vanilla (Optional)
Pecan Chocolate Coating
 350 g Milk, or dark chocolate
 100 g Cocoa butter, melted Or, coconut oil
 140 g Pecans, toasted and chopped



A Crunchy Praliné Cookie Enrobed In Chocolate & Toasted Pecans!.. Here Is The Ultimate Proof Of ❤️. These cookies can be made into any desired shapes. Homemade hazelnut praliné can be subbed for Nutella. For the praliné making process video, look up at Valentine's Day Dessert Recipe. To make the best French crepes, look up at Apple Aumoniere Recipe. To make your own feuilletine (Dried crepes), arrange 6 crepes on a baking tray or cooling rack. Turn oven on to 350ºF/180ºC. After 5 minutes, put crepes in the oven – turn oven off and leave to dry out. Break into pieces and store in a sealed container, or freezer bag for up to 3 months.

Crunchy Chocolate Cookies Cuts

Hazelnut Praliné / Spread

Toast hazelnut on the stove, or in the oven at 350ºF/180ºC for about 12 min. Cook sugar to brown color (Caramel a sec). Add vanilla seeds, salt, and nuts. Transfer onto a baking mat. Let cool completely. Break caramelized hazelnuts into pieces. In a running food processor, throw them in and let run until it turns into paste. Praliné can be stored for months in a cool area, or refrigerated. Stir up before using.

Bruno Albouze Hazelnut Praliné

Crunchy Chocolate Mixture

Melt chocolates over a bain-marie; stirring up every so often (Do not go over 122/50ºC). As soon as it is melted, remove from heat; set aside. Melt butter without boiling it. Mix chocolates with hazelnut spread first. Add butter and the dried crushed crepes. Spread mixture onto a silicone baking mat, or parchment. Top with another silicone mat, and roll out into an 0.3-inch/0.75cm thick sheet. Do not roll out too thin. Each cookie should weight ≈ 0.9 ounces/25grams. Freeze cookie sheet for about 20 min, or until firm to the touch.

Crunchy Chocolate Cookies Ingredients

Cutting Cookies

Cut cookie out into desired shapes. Freeze again and transfer hardened cookies onto another tray. Leave scraps at room temperature to soften – and make another sheet. Repeat steps until done. Keep cookies in the freezer until ready to coat.

Bruno Albouze Crunchy Chocolate Hearts

Pecan Chocolate Coating

Melt cocoa butter separately. Pour melted cocoa butter in chocolate, and melt over a bain-marie (Do not over heat). Remove from heat, let cool to 100ºF/38ºC. Stir in toasted and chopped pecans. Enrobe each frozen cookie, wiping off nuts that could be stuck underneath. Keep cookies refrigerated for a couple of weeks, or frozen for up to 3 months. Enjoy! ❤️

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    1. Well, if you have some crepes leftovers, you can leave them out at room temp to dry out, or use the oven. Turn oven on to 350F/180C for 5 min, place crepes inside, turn oven off. Leave them in until dry, and then store dried crepes in a sealed container or plastic bag..

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