Bruno Albouze Cara Damia

Cara Damia

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5 thoughts on “Cara Damia”

  1. Christopher James

    Hi Bruno! Curious why one needs to make fondant patissier if it’s just going to be turned into caramel? Is there really that big a dif than just using sugar for the caramel??

  2. Christopher James

    Thanks man. Tried to make fondant yesterday, just to see if I could. Ended up with a kind of crystallized sugar in the mixing bowl. As the sugar cooled down it didn’t go into that nice white pasty stage. Straight from melted sugar to crystaly sugar. Will try the glaze with plain sugar.
    Making dessert this weekend! Be tasty no matter what ☺️

  3. Hey bruno ! i’m doing this beautiful recipe and i’m wondering how many days does de dacquoise last? (I’m doing it by phases so i don’t feel it so heavy on me)

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