bruno albouze 12-layer chocolate cake

12-Layer Chocolate Cake

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5 thoughts on “12-Layer Chocolate Cake”

  1. Constantine Steriopoulos

    Tried this recipe a few days ago after coming across the author’s YouTube channel. Without a doubt, it helped me make the best chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted in my life. (I’m 54 yrs old and tried a lot of cakes in that time including some from various patisseries during my travels in Europe.)
    With the $25 worth of Callebaut Belgian chocolate that I used this was not an inexpensive option for a cake but, after all, Mr. Albuze is the “real deal” and perfection, rather than profit, would appear to be the goal of his guidance. My local, internationally experienced and French trained baker’s Belgian chocolate cake ($45) simply cannot compare.
    Thank you Mr Albouze for sharing your art in such an entertaining yet clear and concise fashion. I look forward to trying out your other recipes!
    All the best,

  2. Nach dem die Gäste den Kuchen probiert hatten, musste ich sofort ein Stück nur für mich sichern, eher die große Schlacht um diese Köstlichkeit begann. Ein absoluter Traum! Und ich, als der Hersteller dieser Köstlichkeit, war der König! Danke Maestro Albouze, für dieses phänomenales Rezept!

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