Pain Au Lait

Da morning bun🧸

Pain Au Lait

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Prep Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Cook Time: 7 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 37 minutes
Servings: 10
Da morning bun🧸
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Brioche Dough

  • 125 g Bread flour
  • 125 g All-purpose flour
  • 25 g Sugar
  • 6 g Salt
  • 8 g Instant yeast, or 30g fresh
  • 25 g Milk
  • 125 g Eggs
  • 125 g Butter, cubed

Egg Wash

  • 50 g Eggs (1) + pinch of salt



  • In the mixer fitted with the hook attachment, combine flours, sugar, salt and yeast. Add eggs and milk and mix on low speed – increase to medium for about 10 min and mix until smooth; scraping down the sides of the bowl and hook as you go. Add cubed butter gradually and continue mixing until completely smooth and elastic; it should take 10 to 12 min. The dough should not stick to the touch. Let rise for 90 min or until it has doubled in size. Transfer onto a clean (no flour still) work surface, deflate and fold into a flat slab. Store on baking tray lined with silicon mat and wrap up, and freeze for an hour. This will put the brioche to ‘sleep’ – then place in the refrigerator overnight. Though, at this juncture the brioche can be stored in the freezer for up to 2 week.

Shaping & Proofing

  • In a floured work surface, flatten brioche into a rectangle and shape it into a tight log. Divide log into 12 x 1.7 oz/50g portions. Roll into tight rounds and leave to relax for 10 minutes; covered – chill if room temp is too warm. Shape into half moon shapes. Arrange 6 buns per tray, seam-side down. Tent with plastic wrap loosely and proof for aout 2 hours, or doubled in size. Egg wash and top with sugar.


  • Bake at 450ºF/230ºC for 7 min. Cool to room temp. Enjoy!

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