Giant Pretzel Sandwich

Introducing the Giant Pretzel Sandwich! Get ready for a mouthwatering twist on the classic sandwich with various options to customize according to your preferences. Imagine a delightful combination of cream cheese, goat cheese, or the flavorful boursin aux herbes spread over a giant soft pretzel. The crunch of pistachios adds a unique touch, but feel free to experiment with hazelnuts or pine nuts for a rich, nutty flavor profile. What makes this sandwich truly special is the opportunity to play around with different condiments like shallots for a hint of sharpness. Elevate your sandwich game by layering crisp lettuce, crunchy romaine, or peppery arugula for a refreshing bite. As for the jambon, consider swapping it out for prosciutto, dry-cured duck breast, salami, or even smoked salmon paired with a burst of citrusy lemon zest and juice. The versatility of this Giant Pretzel Sandwich makes it a must-try for all food enthusiasts. Stay tuned to discover Chef Bruno Albouze's creative take on this delectable recipe, blending textures and flavors for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

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