Bruno Albouze Salted Lemon Confit

Preserved Lemons

Yields1 ServingPrep Time30 minsDifficultyBeginnerRating


 2200 g Organic Meyer lemon (≈18)
 700 g Kosher salt, or best sea salt
 80 g Sugar


Classic Method

There is no video related to this recipe yet. Use organic lemons that are suitable for preserves. In a large pot, add whole lemons, and cover with water – bring to a boil. Drain, and well rinse; set aside. Mix salt with the sugar. Quarter lemons, starting at the end, but leaving the uncut end intact. Open lemons, and stuff with salt mixture. Pack lemons in glass jar. Seal well and refrigerate, or keep in a cool and dark place. Flip them upside down twice during the first couple of weeks. Then just forget about them for 3 months for best results. The flesh is used for marinades and stews instead of salt, just remove seeds, blend it or pound it with a pestle to break down the fibers. Otherwise, scrape out flesh and rince the peel, mince it and add it to vinaigrettes, dressings, and garnishing. Enjoy!

Sous-Vide Method

Follow the same procedure. Arrange stuffed lemons in sous-vide bags and vacuum seal. Vacuum sealed preserved lemons, accelerates the curing procedure. Indeed, confit lemons would be ready to use after a week. Vacuum sealed preserved lemons can last 2 years.

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