Bruno Albouze Pesto Stuffed Chicken

Pesto Stuffed Chicken

Yields6 ServingsPrep Time55 minsCook Time18 minsTotal Time1 hr 13 minsDifficultyIntermediateRating


 250 g Olive oil
 20 g Basil leaves
 5 g Garlic
 100 g Parmesan, grated
 125 g Pine nuts
 3 g Lemon juice
Stuffed Chicken
 1400 g Chicken breast (6)
 10 g Olive oil
 125 g Chardonnay, or vermouth
 1000 g Chicken stock, reduce to 125g



Pesto is so versatile and can be made with other greens than basil or mixed with like arugula, kale, collards, rapini and parsley. Basil is a strong aromatic herb and you can mellow the pesto out a little by subbing half of the basil with fresh baby spinach leaves for instance. The pesto will more easily stay vibrant green. Greens can also be quickly blanched to make pesto greener but to use as a stuffing does not really matter.Toast pine nuts in a hot frying pan or in a oven for a few minutes or until turns light brown. Let cool completely. In a food processor, puree basil, olive oil, garlic. Add remaining ingredients giving just a few more pulses to keep the pesto texture grainy rather than being completely pureed; this will improve to the final product. Refrigerate pesto until completely firm before using. Leftover pesto can be refrigerated up to a week or frozen for months. Pesto darkens when exposed to air, so to store, cover tightly with plastic wrap making sure the plastic in contact.

Stuffed Chicken

Remove any remaining strips of silvery membrane and blood stains on the surface of meat cuts keeping skin intact. Butterfly breasts pounding down them a bit to even the surface. Sprinkle some fleur de sel or celtic grey seat salt and fresh ground black pepper; white pepper works fine too. Stuff each breast with a generous tablespoon (20g) of chilled pesto, then roll breasts skin up and seal them using toothpicks. In a hot skillet or sauté pan drizzle olive oil and salt and sear chicken breasts on their skin side only for about 6 minutes on medium high heat or until it gets brown. Transfer the meat on a baking tray and deglaze the pan with wine or reduced stock; reduce until the desired consistency and glaze breast and finish baking in the oven.


Bake in a 425ºF/220ºC preheated oven for 18 minutes. Let breasts to rest for 5 minutes, slice and glaze with the jus. Enjoy!

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