Bruno Albouze Canelé


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18 thoughts on “Canelé”


    How do I make a Canele that is creamy inside and tastes like Crème Brulee’? The ones I see in photos look like bread on the inside and the ones I ordered were like cake inside.

  2. The most successful batter I used so far. Recipes from other places always had an uncontrolled mushrooming problem where the batter inflated until they became muffins. Some batters even overflowed into the tray before developing into mushrooms.

    I still could not master the recipe though. My batter seemed to have a mild mushrooming problem. It seems most of the beewax mixture escapes from the cooper mold by the time the baking was over. The oven tray was overflowing with the liquid. Also the top of the canele was yellow and undercooked.

    Looks like the batter was airborne in the cooper mold and the top part of the canele did not make a long enough contact with the mold during baking. The inside was very creamy, and I think it was probably undercooked.

    I was baking with a cheap Walmart toaster oven. Ahaha.. I need to experiment more. I think I’ll perfect the recipe if I can prevent the batter from going airborne in the molds.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Indeed my canelé recipe works. I am glad though that you have found the problem. There is no way canelé can be properly baked in that type of ”oven”🙄

  3. In preparation to make these I wanted to experience what they taste like. So, I visited a patisserie. Their canelé were gorgeous and delicious. But the top was hollow, and the bottom was soft. Is that a thing, or is it a fault? BTW, their patisseries were gorgeous, but your flavors are better!

  4. This has been my GO-TO canelé recipe for years although I don’t make it often enough because it’s so delicious and I’m worried about overeating. I still have that mushrooming effect happening but will try to get the milk to the right temperature the next round.

    I use a convection oven but I want to try putting a thick cookie sheet under my mold and bake it on the lower rack in the oven, to get the tops evenly darker. previously it’s always been mostly blond or unevenly blond when I baked it in the middle rack and without a preheated cookie sheet under it. and I guess it’s also caused by the mushrooming.

    I’ve tried a few other recipes but always come back to this one cos it works so well! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and tips with us. Really appreciate it. Love your channel and recipes.

  5. I’ve been using your ‘old’ recipe for years with great results. I’ve tried several other recipes and yours produced the best results. Might I say that I’ve been to Laduree´and the Canele I’ve made with your recipe are better than what I had there. Your ‘old’ recipe calls for 30g cornstarch, 45g butter, 80g egg yolks and no whole eggs, and 120g flour. How do the results differ? Maybe I’ll try this recipe next time.

  6. I have been obsessed with eating canele for many years. This year I became obsessed with learning to make them. I have tried so many recipes that have yielded poor results until I found your recipe! My canele are now perfect! Merci beaucoup!

  7. I have now used this recipe 4 additional times! The only issue I am having is that the butter that drips onto the baking stone causes the oven to smoke like crazy. It literally sets of every smoke alarm even with the exhaust fan running on high and a couple of windows open. Is there a way to prevent this from happening or reduce the amount of smoke?

  8. Big fan. I used to have a set of molds but they ended up in a donation box instead of a moving box unfortunately. I recently bought a silicone mold of mini canelé to do a fun spin off your tiramisu canelé episode, and will have to tag your social when I do it, thank you so much for the inspirations. What time/temp would you recommend with mini silicone molds in a convection oven?

    1. Well, some have tried to make fancier versions of the canelé; rather inconclusive. The canelé is, and should remain a crusty caramelized vanilla custardy type of cake which is its original purpose. In my knowledge, a chocolate version wont work 😌

  9. Bonsoir monsieur!

    A few questions:

    I am going to use heavy-duty carbon steel canele molds (1 mm thick) with non-stock coating. Do I still need to season this type of mold? It is brand new.

    I am going to use a conventional oven. How should I layer the molds, steel baking tray and pizza stone? Molds on top, foil, baking tray, pizza stone on the bottom, sitting on the wire rack?

    Can I use the butter-beeswax mixture to grease my non-stick carbon steel molds?

    Merci beaucoup!

    Rendez-vous en cuisine!

    1. Hello!
      Well, I believe that carbon steel mold acts pretty much like copper. You would need to follow the manufacture’s protocol prior to use. Grease them using the butter-beeswax method or cooking spray or softened butter. No need for a pizza stone and any foil or any tray on top.. That’ll be a big mistake. Just follow my recipe and baking process and you should be fine 🌞

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