Bruno Albouze Brioche


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3 thoughts on “Brioche”


    Hello, in your video on youtube where you show how to make small brioche, you said we should bake it for cca 230°C no more than 7 mins.
    Here above is stated 180° 25mins.
    How is it, please?

      1. Thank you.
        I cannot leave a reply under recipe with CINNAMON ROLLS
        (probably because it is covered by huge number of adds:-/)
        so I leave it here.
        It is just incredibly GOOD!!!
        My yoga teacher said, that it was the best cinnamon rolls he eat – ever.
        The filling is so so good, I would eat it all alone.
        Just one question regarding the Lemon Glanz.
        In your video has your lemon glanz completely different texture than is texture of glanz which is made by recipe (= only mixing water+ powder sugar+lemon juice)
        I did it like that and it was very watery even when I mixed again right before applying.
        When I applied it on the rolls it basically spread all around (not saying that it was not good, but it was different, was not possible to “draw” with that ).
        Didn’t you make your own for instance from glucose sirup or something like that?

        Otherwise, its big improvement atleast for me to see where is the difference in the dough which I could not figure out long time.
        In all our local recipes is used 100% of one type of flour (T400-450, light smoothly ground ).
        But in your recipes I could see first time that actualy 50% of bread flour is used!
        I immediately got that color of dough which I could see in many videos but it wasn’t never mentioned and I wasnt able to reach it.
        Thanks for it ! ❤

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