bruno albouze blueberry pie

Blueberry Pie

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15 thoughts on “Blueberry Pie”

  1. Once again terrific recipe!!!! Thank you chef Albouze for the trick for rolling out pie dough much easier than the old way of chilling and using floured surfaces.

  2. I did this one yesterday for mother’s day, excellent recipe and it’s a killer, very well balanced, the crust is not sweet and create a very good contrast the filling, the blueberries goes very well with the rose water, i discovered this Timut black pepper that definitly add a special dimension to this recipe … i have added just a bit of naturel amond extract to the almond cream,

  3. Dirk Lyndon Yanong

    Hi Chef Albouze,
    You really inspired. I made this yesterday as a gift for my mom on Mother’s Day today.
    It was a success. I used Pectin NH since that I have it and Dried Pea flowers since I couldn’t find any freah Allysum flowers.
    The taste was incredible and very well balanced. Between the rose water, Tibut Pepper and lemon, the taste rich another level…. How I wish I can show you the picture.
    Thank you so much Chef….


  4. Hi Chef, this is delicious yummy. Like always . Chef, can I make pumpkin pie with crust pie? I am little confused , the filling of pumpkin, vanilla custard and the almond cream the texture is (almost similar), why is it made with different doughs?
    Thank you again, for the spectacular recipes.

  5. Made this and it was amazing! Didn’t have any pectin, but if I remember I used cornstarch as a substitute. Can’t remember what I did, but turned out well. Everyone loved the pie!

    I was actually surprised the Timut Pepper actually tasted like grapefruit. I don’t think of pepper and grapefruit in the same sentence.


    Hey Bruno,

    Your channel is pure food porn!

    So I made this today. My partner is American and she loves blueberries.
    My one question is about the cooking of the fresh and frozen berries together in the tart base.
    It seems the berries gave off quite a bit of liquid in the tart base. Is there any way you would recommend to absorb that juice from the uncooked berries?

    Thanks again for keeping me wanting to attempt your creations!

    Hamish (South Africa)

  7. Baked this today. I really thought this would be too sweet, but it was just perfect! Fantastic recipe. Beautiful balance of sweetness and texture. Baked with 20cm tart pan, reduced recipe by x0.75

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