Bruno Albouze Waffles
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Belgian Waffles

Yields12 ServingsPrep Time25 minsCook Time25 minsTotal Time50 minsRating


Waffle Batter
 325 g All-purpose flour
 6 g Instant yeast, or 12g fresh
 45 g Sugar
 2 g Salt
 100 g Eggs (2)
 200 g Milk
 125 g Beer, or water
 5 g Vanilla paste
 15 g Peanut oil
 100 g Butter, melted
 100 g Pearl sugar*



Belgian waffle traditionally uses yeast instead of baking powder. Often served for breakfast; toppings vary from whipped cream, powdered sugar, seasonal fruit, chocolate sauce, hazelnut spread, preserves to maple syrup and butter. Alternatively, waffles are served with vanilla ice cream and red fruits as a dessert. The original Liège-style waffles recipe is richer in butter – very close to the brioche dough and contains pearl sugar. The smooth balls of sugar add pops of sweetness and caramelize to make the exterior crisp. My Belgian or Liège-Style waffles recipe more than delivers on the promise of that name, while also staying lower in calories than the original recipe. This works perfectly for savory waffles as well (without the addition of pearl sugar). Add some thinly chopped chives, parsley or any other fresh herbs you like into the waffle batter before rising. Cook and top with scrambled eggs, fried eggs, omelette, cheese, sautéed vegetables, cured salmon etc…

Waffle Batter

*For the Liège-Style Waffles, stir the pearl sugar into the risen batter. Cover and let rest for 15 minutes. Combine dry ingredients first, then mix in vanilla, eggs, milk, beer and melted butter. Cover and let rest for an hour and chill overnight. Leave batter out a couple of hours prior cooking. Preheat waffle iron, and cook the waffles according to the manufacture's directions until they are golden and crisp. Enjoy!

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