Lemon shaped dessert

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Bruno Albouze Lemon Shaped Dessert

Lemon shaped dessert

Yields12 ServingsPrep Time2 hrs 30 minsDifficultyAdvancedRating


Lemon Marmalade Insert
 180 g lemon juice
 80 g water
 60 g sugar
 4 g agar-agar
 220 g poached lemons*
 60 g finger lime
 45 g lemon supreme
 6 g fresh mint, minced
Yuzu Mousse
 240 g heavy cream, hot
 240 g heavy cream, cold
 3 g gelatin
 140 g white chocolate
 120 g yuzu juice
Chocolate Shell Glaze
 300 g white chocolate
 300 g cocoa butter
 4 g liposoluble yellow food coloring
Lemon Skin
 200 g neutral glaze, or apricot glaze
 40 g water
Patina (Optional)
 20 g kirschwasser
 5 g gold powder



This recipe is inspired by Cedric Grolet. Silicone molds and spray gun available on my Shop Page. Make 3 days ahead. *For the poached lemons, look up at Poached Lemon Recipe.

Lemon Marmalade Insert

Make the jelly first: Heat up lemon juice and water. Mix together the sugar and agar-agar and sprinkle over the hot liquid whisking swiftly. Bring to boil and cook 2 min. Remove from the heat; chill completely. Meanwhile, cut out finger limes crosswise, and squeeze out caviar. Cube the poached lemon wedges, remove supreme (flesh only) from 2 or 3 lemons, chopped roughly and set aside. For the marmalade, smooth out the chilled lemon jelly using an immersion blender giving. Fold in the cubed poached lemons, lemon supreme, finger lime, and mint. Fill two 15 cavity semi-sphere silicone molds (1 Tbsp/15g); freeze completely. Pop out from mold, and seal them by two. Freeze lemon marmalade spheres until ready to use.

Yuzu Mousse

About the size of a tangerine, Yuzu is mainly cultivated in Japan, Korea, and China. It's incredibly fragrant just like lemon or lime juice. It adds acidity and freshness to mousse, dressing and so on. Soak gelatin sheet in cold water to soften, and drain. Meanwhile, add hot heavy cream in white chocolate, let sit a couple of minutes and mix. Add gelatin and mix with an immersion blender. Add the remaining cold heavy cream and mix. Then add Yuzu juice, mix and refrigerate for 12 hours. Whip mousse to soft peaks.


Fill each cavity of the bottom half lemon mold with the Yuzu mousse half way through. Place a frozen lemon marmalade insert in the center. Close off on all sides with the silicone lid. Insert the tip of the pastry bag inside the aperture and rotate the tray while filling up the cavity. Freeze for 6 hours at least before unmolding. For better storage conditions, keep cakes in their molds for up to 2 months. When ready to glaze, unmold and keep frozen.

Chocolate Shell Glaze (Enrobage)

Melt cocoa butter first (cocoa butter can boil but the chocolate). Mix in white chocolate, blend and pass through a sieve lined with cheesecloth.

Glazing & Air Spraying

Make marzipan coins to hold the glazed lemon cake. Warm up the chocolate shell glaze to 86ºF/30ºC. Insert a short bamboo skewer inside the frozen lemon cake (top end) and dip in glaze. Once set, remove the bamboo skewer, flip and place the glazed lemon cake on the marzipan coin. Repeat until done. Fill up the spray gun cup with the same glaze but warmer: microwave it for a few sec to 113ºF/45ºC. (Keep cup warm blowing hot air using an hair dryer if necessary). Air spray lemons.

Lemon 'Skin'

Clean gun spray cup and nozzle using hot water, or use a back up cup. Heat up neutral glaze or apricot glaze mixed with 20% water, and sieve. Use at 122ºF/50ºC. Spray over glazed lemon cakes.

Patina (Optional)

Gently, air spray softly positioning the gun at 15''/40cm away from the lemon ends.

Lemon Stem & Leaf (Optional)

Warm up a pairing knife tip in hot water and carefully poke a hole in the lemon cake end. Dip a real lemon stem tip in the chocolate shell glaze, and seal it immediately using an upside down air duster. Refrigerate overnight to set. Keep refrigerated for 48 hours max.


The lemon shaped dessert must be served thawed and chilled. Carefully, grab lemon from its foot (wear gloves), and transfer on plate. Enjoy!

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