Top 20 French Bistro Dishes


(20 Videos & 27 Recipes)

STOCKS (2 Videos)

  1. Brown Chicken Stock & Demi-Glace.
  2. White Chicken Stock (Included Vichyssoise Video)
  3. Brown Veal Stock & Demi-Glace.


  1. Salade Lyonnaise
    Frisée, arugula, oeuf mollet, walnut-cherry vinaigrette, bacon, garlic rubbed croutons.
  2. Oeuf en Meurette
    Poached eggs in pinot noir, meurette sauce, toasted baguette, parsley chips.
  3. Chicken Liver Parfait
    Chicken livers, butter, eggs and Armagnac.
  4. Poireaux Brûlée
    Charred leek, seaweed butter, crab mango vinaigrette, bread tuiles.
  5. Escargots
    Wild Burgundy snails, butter herb hazelnut anise-flavored sauce.
  6. Soupe Vichyssoise
    Leek-potato velouté, black truffle melba toast.
  7. Soupe À l’Oignon
    Caramelized onions in ruby port, pinot noir and veal stock. Croutons & Aged Comté.


  1. Croque Monsieur & Croque Madame
    Focaccia, mornay sauce, gruyère and ham. Sunny side up eggs.
  2. Brie Panini.
    Focaccia, brie, chives, ham, parmigiano.

ENTREES (10 Videos)

  1. Braised Short Ribs
    Ragout of beef short ribs, ratatouille, pommes purée, gravy.
  2. Ratatouille Confit Byaldi
    Piperade (vegetable stew), summer vegetables tian.
  3. Pommes Purée
    Chef Joël Robuchon’s famous buttery mashed potatoes.
  4. Hanger Steak, Bearnaise Sauce
    Grilled skirt steak, wilted spinach, grilled veggies, béarnaise sauce.
  5. Sweetbreads Meunière
    Pan-seared veal sweetbreads in brown butter, apple cider glaze, salsifies and red
  6. Sweetbreads & Braised Vegetables
    Braised carrots, peas, asparagus, mushrooms, potatoes and gravy.
  7. Pot-Au-Feu
    Beef and root vegetables stew.
  8. Hachis Parmentier
    AKA shepherd’s pie. French casserole of mashed potatoes and leftover beef stew (pot
    au feu) layered together.
  9. Seven-hour Braised Leg of Lamb
    Fall off the bone leg of lamb, flageolet stew.
  10. Berkshire Pork Chop Charcutière
    Pan-seared pork chop center cut, charcutière sauce, vichy carrots.
  11. Duck Confit, Potato-Mushroom Sarladaise
    Duck legs confit in duck fat, herbed roasted potatoes and mushrooms.
  12. Roasted Duck Breast, Cardinal Puree
    Duck confit samosa, honey roasted pears, edamame, duck skin chips, duck jus.
  13. Fish & Chips
    Fried Atlantic cod in tempura, crispy fried Pacific halibut, mayo-crème fraîche dip, rustic
    French fries.
  14. Potato-Crusted Branzino
    Beurre blanc, fried leeks.


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