Apple Shaped Dessert


The In-Depth Recipe to the Apple Shaped Dessert

If you like cooking, then you’ve definitely seen those fake fruit-shaped desserts. They were all done by French Chef Cedric Grolet, and he has become somewhat of a sensation online. And even though those mid-section shots look cool on camera, there aren’t too many videos talking about how to make this stunning work of art.

I’ve scoured the web, and all I could find were the ingredients. But no one talked in-depth about the techniques, how long to hold the desserts in the glaze, how to get those little specks on the apple, how to get that apple puree to stay in the middle of the apple, etc.

That’s why I made this premium Recipe. It will teach you how to make this gob-stopping dessert at home, and when you bring it to the table, people will have trouble lifting their jaws from the floor.

Anyways, here’s what you’ll be getting inside the Premium recipe:

  • The written recipe, with all of the ingredients and measurements. If you stick to them, you’re one step closer to making an error-free Apple-Shaped Dessert.
  • The video instructions where I take you “by the hand” and guide you through the process. And if you ask me, there’s nothing better than watching a video recipe. You can see it, instead of just reading the instructions off of a recipe book.
  • Written instructions that cover all of the intricate techniques that will make or break this recipe
  • The tips you won’t find online, like “how to make sure the apple compote stays soft in the center”.
  • And so much more.

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