Bruno Albouze Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock

Yields12 ServingsPrep Time35 minsCook Time2 hrsTotal Time2 hrs 35 minsDifficultyBeginnerRating


 800 g Chicken part: necks, backs, feet, wings...
 150 g Carrot (1), chopped
 100 g Celery (1) stalk, chopped
 300 g Onion (1), chopped
 200 g Leek, white part
 20 g Garlic, crushed
 500 g Chardonnay
 2500 g Water
 5 g Bouquet*



Place chicken parts under cold running water until they are cleared of remaining blood and impurities. Place chicken part and all ingredients in a large pot. Add *bouquet: a couple thyme sprigs, bay leaves, 3 parsley stems, and 10 black peppercorns. Do not salt stocks. Bring to boil, cook on low simmer for 2 to 4 hours; covered. Do not stir the stock or it will get cloudy. Eventually skim off surface to remove remaining impurities. Carefully pass the chicken stock, discard solids and let cool over ice water. Refrigerate for up to 4 days or freeze for several weeks. Skim off the fat left on the surface of the chilled stock before using. Chicken stock can be used for many dishes, soups and sauces. It can also be reduced to concentrate its flavors. To make a brown chicken stock: Roast chicken parts and vegetables before simmering in liquids. Chicken stock can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, or frozen for months.

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