Bruno Albouze Banana Mango Cake
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Banana Lime Mango Cake

Yields16 ServingsPrep Time50 minsCook Time1 hrTotal Time1 hr 50 minsRating


Banana Lime Mixture
 525 g Overripe bananas*
 20 g Lime juice
Mango Mixture
 500 g Mango (2), cubed
 20 g Butter
 20 g Brown sugar
 10 g Lemon zest
 15 g Lime juice
Nut-Fruit Mixture
 200 g Walnuts, crushed
 220 g Milk chocolate chips, or disks
 30 g Flour
 560 g Mango mixture
 270 g Butter, softened
 3 g Salt
 200 g Sugar
 200 g Eggs (4), beaten
 545 g Banana puree
 525 g Pastry flour, sifted
 3 g Baking soda, sifted
 20 g Baking powder, sifted
Lime Glaze
 30 g Lime juice
 180 g Powdered sugar, sifted



For this recipe, I used a large pate terrine mold. Look it up at Shop Page. Two regular loaf pans can be used in place. Grease and line mold with parchment paper.

Banana Lime Mixture

*We should always save dark bananas – Indeed, overripe bananas are very good for our health. They are also excellent source of flavors for banana cake, or bread. Save dark bananas and freeze. When needed, thaw them overnight. To make banana puree, squeeze out flesh, remove excess water and blend with lime juice.

Mango Mixture

Peel and cut mango into cubes. In a hot pan, add butter and sauté along with brown sugar for about 8 min on high heat. Transfer onto a plate, add lime juice and zest; cool.

Nut-Fruit Mixture

Toss walnuts and chocolate chips first. The add mango mixture. Flour prevents nuts and fruits from sinking to the bottom of the cake during baking.

Cake Batter

Sift flour, baking powder and soda together; set aside. Cream softened butter with salt and sugar. Add eggs gradually and mix until smooth and fluffy. Add 10% of the sifted powder into the butter-sugar-egg mixture on low speed. Add banana puree, then remaining powders. Transfer cake batter into a large pastry bowl, and fold in the nut-fruit mixture. Fill up prepared mold and bake. Cake batter can be refrigerated for up to 5 days, or kept frozen for weeks. Thaw out prior baking.

banana lime mango cake

Lime Glaze

Mix lime juice and powdered sugar. Glaze should have the honey consistency.

lime glaze


Bake at 350ºF/180ºC for about an hour. Insert a thin knife blade or a wooden skewer into the center of the cake, it should come out clean. Glaze cake immediately, and pop up in oven for 60 seconds to set. Remove from the oven, and wait 15 minutes prior un-molding. Cool completely before slicing. Best chill overnight. Banana lime mango cake can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Enjoy!

Baked Banana Lime Mango Cake

4 thoughts on “Banana Lime Mango Cake”

  1. Incredible recipe. Bruno Albouze’s vidoes are by far some of my favourite cooking content on the internt & iv finally gotten around to making some of the recipes recently. I think next time i am going to cook down the mango so it blends into the bread more, but that’s just a personal preference. The lime glaze is a really nice touch as well.

  2. Delicious cake! I used frozen mango chunks but I recommend using actual mangoes, since my mangoes became mushy in the cake. The lime and mangoes compliment each other very well.

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