Bruno Albouze Baba Au Rhum

Baba Au Rhum

Yields25 ServingsPrep Time55 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time1 hr 10 minsDifficultyIntermediateRating


 300 g All-purpose flour
 3 g Salt
 110 g Butter, cubed
 6 g Instant yeast, or 12g fresh
 15 g Honey
 375 g Eggs (7)
Candied Orange Zest
 200 g Orange (1)
 200 g Water
 170 g Sugar
Soaking Syrup
 2000 g Water
 300 g Passion fruit puree (optional)
 800 g Sugar
 10 g Orange zest
 5 g Lemon zest
 60 g Dark rum
 5 g Vanilla bean (seeds), or paste
 300 g Apricot preserves



Yields 25 (1oz/30g) baba, or a make a large bundt pan. Make baba 2 days ahead


Reactivate yeast in 1/8 cup/30g warm water. (Skip this step if using instant yeast or fresh yeast). Add all dried ingredients with honey and butter and mix until sandy crumbs mix; for about 3 minutes on low speed. Add eggs and beat until smooth; 1 minute on low and 3 on high. Turn off mixer and scrape down the sides of the bowl. Beat mixture for 7-8 minutes more on high until super elastic. Transfer dough onto a greased bowl. Scale out each portion and fill prepared molds half way through (grease molds with butter and cooking spray). Do not grease silicone molds if using it. Let proof until it has doubled in size.


Bake proofed baba at 375ºF/190ºC for about 15 min. Rotate baking tray half way through. Large baba should take 30 minutes to bake. Unmold and let dry out at room temperature for a day at least. Baba can be baked in advance and stored wrapped in dry storage or freezer.

Candied Orange Zest

Cook on low heat for about 20 min. Set aside.

Soaking Baba

Bring all ingredients to a boil. Turn heat off and let infuse for a few hours or make a day ahead. Soak baba in hot syrup for a few minutes on each side and drain. Melt apricot preserve; loosen it up with some syrup. Glaze or brush out babas and refrigerate for up to 5 days or keep frozen for months.


Serve baba with a drizzle of dark rum, some candied orange zest, fresh passion fruit pulpe if available or passion fuit puree mixed with a splash of syrup, seasonal fruits, and vanilla whipped cream. Enjoy!

1 thought on “Baba Au Rhum”

  1. I am a professional chef for many years and I came across Chef Bruno Albouze’s site while surfing Youtube for a good recipe for Baba rum cake. This presentation and explanation of his recipes are so perfect and the way all the recipes are written on his web site page are very easy to follow and precise. I watch his videos almost every night for a few hours.. It’s like I am back in culinary school again “I LOVE IT.” I waned to make a Baba rum cake for my dear Uncle Simon for his 90th birthday. He was born in France and this was his favorite dessert growing up. I never made a Baba rum cake and found the recipe on Chef Bruno’s site .I followed each step exactly as written . it came out perfect , my Uncle had a tear in his eye while eating the Baba rum. He said it was like going back so many years when he grew up in Paris. The Baba rum came out exactly the way Chef Albouze described and pictured in his video presentation. I made a full 12″cake ,wish I could upload the photo of it. . Thank you Chef Albouze for passing on your culinary knowledge . I strongly advise anyone who likes to cook or bake join his brigade and donate to support this show. His time is worth ever penny. If you were to go to a cooking school you would pay thousands of dollars to get such detailed instructions . Thank you , Bon Appetit . Your new student , Chef Adam Trachtenberg

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