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27 recipes for a buck each!. Get them all: Classic Puff Pastry / Fabulous Vanilla Yule Log / Lemon Shaped Dessert / Apple Shaped Dessert / Lemon Cake / Crunchy Apple Pie / Cranberry Apple Pie / The Fabulous Tart Tatin / French Croissant / Mochaccino Tart / Intense Chocolate Eclair / Coq Au Vin / Beef Bourguignon / Ratatouille Casserole / Chocolate Pecan Caramel Cookies / Chocolate Tart / Green Forest Cake / Black Forest Cake / Lemon Pie / Almond Scones / Cronut / Cinnamon Rolls / Banana Mango Bread / Quince Tart / Vacherin Ice Cream Cake / Chocolate Flan / Gateau Russe. Make the greatest French classic dishes and desserts at home – Get the best tips and tricks from a true professional who trained with Michelin star chefs and MOF 🇫🇷. But you have to get it now while it’s at 60% off. This is a promotional offer of my best PREMIUM Bundle Recipe. In a few days, and I don’t know exactly when, I will be taking the discount off, and you will only be able to get it at the full price. So, don’t wait and pay 60% more. Take advantage of my cheap offer now! Click Here

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